November 6th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – November 6th, 2015

Classroom Celebrations

Thirteen educators from around the country came to our classroom this week to observe and learn from our learning community for two mornings. They commented on the depth of learning they saw and the authentic engagement in learning. They were amazed at how self-directed and focused our students are. And even more so they were impressed by our students’ ability to engage in respectful discussions about their learning and to give each other (and receive) feedback about their work. We are so proud of our young students!

In our writing workshops we began to explore narrative writing: writing about the small, yet powerful moments of our lives. Learning this craft is supported by studying published (“mentor”) texts and exchanging ideas with each other.  Inspired by the book “The Veggie Monster” the “Owl” writers described those times in their lives when they had to try spinach and fried kale quite against the preferences of their young tastebuds…

The week ended with a peek into owl pellets…to discover the remnants of the very carnivorous diet of owls. Many thanks to the parent who connected us with a resource to procuring this firsthand exploration.

Looking Ahead

Tues., Nov. 10 – Author Speaker Dorothy Delano will present her book Wild in the City

Wed., Nov. 11 – Field trip to the Prairie (Rocky Mountain Arsenal Park) 9:00 – 1:00, $2.00

Fri., Nov. 13 – ELC Community Circle hosted by Molly and Jim’s Class, 8:45 am

Fri., Nov. 20 – Durbin Day and “Food for All” Food Drive

Nov. 23-27 – Thanksgiving Break

Field Trip to Rocky Mountain Arsenal: This should be an amazing trip to the prairie! We are hoping to see buffalo and other prairie wildlife. Please send sack lunch (labeled and best in backpack), water bottle, and $2 for the bus and have your child ready to hike in good walking shoes, dressed appropriately in layers. Join us, if you can!

Durbin Day and Food Drive: Nov. 20 we will celebrate “Durbin Day” – a day named in honor of JCOS volunteers extraordinaire. During the morning we will connect with our older student buddies to take our food collection to the Action Center. The school bus will then take us to the local Crown Hill park for a hike with our buddies. Afterwards we will gather at school to enjoy a Thanksgivings feast together.

Please send in a can of food (or more) for our “Food for All”  food drive. For our Durbin Day feast we are asking that our students bring a side or veggie dish to share and a mess kit in a bag. Since we will be also walking a lot that day, please make sure that your child wears good walking shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather.

Memory: Please read the attached information about ways to boost what is called  “auditory memory”. Joan, our speech language specialist, put this information together. Whether we are 9 years old or 99…we all benefit from keeping our memory sharp!

Original Works:  Orders are due by November 11th. All ordering is done on line. Items that are ordered will arrive at JCOS the first week of December. All proceeds go directly into the elementary art, theater and music program.

Mary’s email:  HYPERLINK “” Ana’s email:  HYPERLINK “”


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