November 19th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – November 19th, 2015

Classroom Celebrations

Heading into the Thanksgiving holiday week we want to pause and reflect on how grateful we are to be working with your children.  Every morning when we open the classroom door we open the door to wonder, possibilities, and learning.  Thank you for your partnership and entrusting us with your child’s education.  Thank you for your ongoing support with everything from canned food donations and potluck contributions to accompanying us on field trips and helping out with school wide committees.   We know that our Open School Community would not be what it is without the contributions made by each and every one of you!

This week we set up a Prairie Museum outside our classroom door.  Children wrote captions for the variety of prairie artifacts on display.  We have learned so much during our study of prairie habitat.  Soon we will be counting up all of the many pennies that have been donated.  We will carefully consider which organization we will donate to.  During our study we learned from Luke and Anna’s mom (from a farming family) that prairie dog relocations near farms are disastrous for the farmers and the relocated prairie dogs. The children have really started to grasp what it means to have different points of view and how important it is to consider different perspectives.  We now understand what a big responsibility it is to find ways to protect prairie dogs without destroying our farms.

We continue to work on pausing to ask questions in order to deepen our understanding of what we are reading.  We finished reading Ereth’s Birthday by Avi this week and began reading aloud Fantastic Mr. Fox by Roald Dahl.  Both stories feature foxes and we will consider the different perspectives of the characters through the outrageous and hilarious writing of one of our favorite authors.

Looking Ahead

Fri., Nov. 20 – Durbin Day and “Food for All” Food Drive

Nov. 23-27 – Thanksgiving Break

Thurs., Dec. 3 – ELC performance, 6pm

Durbin Day and Food Drive: Tomorrow – Nov. 20 we will celebrate “Durbin Day” – a day named in honor of JCOS volunteers extraordinaire. During the morning we will connect with our older student buddies to take our food collection to the Action Center. The school bus will then take us to the local Crown Hill park for a hike with our buddies. Afterwards we will gather at school to enjoy a Thanksgivings feast together. Please send in a can of food (or more) for our “Food for All”  food drive. For our Durbin Day feast we are asking that our students bring a side or veggie dish to share and a mess kit in a bag. Since we will be also walking a lot that day, please make sure that your child wears good walking shoes and clothing appropriate to the weather.

Peace,  Mary and Ana


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