December 11th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – December 11th, 2015

Classroom Celebrations

Since this year’s metaphor for our classroom community is the tree, we have not only studied trees native to Colorado this semester, but have also been drawn to reading fiction books that center around special trees. This week’s read-alouds of “Someday a Tree” and “little tree” have allowed us to pursue deep and maybe not quite answerable questions such as “Can anyone own a tree?” and “Why does the dad say: ‘we never mean to kill the beauty in the world, we just do?’” We talked about cause and effect, about empathy and community, about hope, about change, and about many more very relevant issues that surfaced in response to these two stories. We never cease to be amazed by our students’ capacity to engage in deep thinking!

In addition, our older students proudly published their narrative writings! Both writing groups made time to write friendly letters to each other. The letters are deposited into our classroom mailbox and delivered with great excitement on “Monday Mail” days.

The Suns also began their typing lessons this week while continuing practicing their cursive handwriting as well. Please look for additional information from Angie (our school librarian) about how to support your 3rd grade student with keyboarding.

Looking Ahead

ELC Community Circle (Mary and Ana hosting) – Friday, Dec. 18th

Friday, Dec. 18 – Hibernation Day

Dec. 19 – Jan. 5 – Winter Break

Wednesday, Jan. 6 – Students return to school

Hibernation Day: Students will wear pajamas to school, bring a snack to share, and a stuffed animal to snuggle with.  We will all spend the morning hibernating as we read and snuggle to prepare for our winter break.  Please be sure to send clothing to put on over the top of pajamas, boots, coats, etc. as WE WILL GO OUT TO RECESS – hibernating children still need recess!


Ana and Mary


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