January 8th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – January 8, 2016

Classroom Celebrations
We were all very happy to come back together this week. We enjoyed sharing with one another our experiences over Winter Break. The children were excited to help create a new drama corner in our classroom. It is now adorned with a winter tree and the chance to play with all kinds of animals that might be hibernating or out trying to find food during these snowy winter months. Since we do not hibernate in the winter we will go out on the playground in ALL kinds of weather, so please make sure your children have the proper snow clothes with them at school. January will be a quiet month while we dig into learning together. We will be hosting teachers, instructional coaches, and administrators in our classroom for learning labs on Jan. 14, Jan. 26, and Jan. 27. We have consistently heard from other educators how valuable it is for them to observe our young self-directed learners at work. In turn as teachers and advisors Ana and Mary have the opportunity to receive valuable feedback that helps us continue to grow as educators.

Please be sure to note that tentatively scheduled conference days have changed from Feb. 25th and 26th to March 17th and 18th. We will have regularly scheduled school days on Feb. 25th and 26th.
Looking Ahead
Mon., Jan. 18 – Martin Luther King’s Birthday – No School
Fri., Jan. 29 – Hoops for Heart
Wed.,Feb. 3 – 100th day of School
Mon., Feb. 8 – Math Night 5:15-6:15 pm
Thurs., Feb. 11 – Valentine’s Day Celebration
Fri., Feb. 12 – Mon., Feb. 15 – President’s Day Weekend – No School
Ana and Mary


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