February 26th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 26th, 2016   Classroom Celebrations While the “Prairie Dogs” writing group is revising and editing the last chapters of their Wangari Maathai biographies, the “Owls” have explored a multitude of genres as writers: some chose to write poems this week, some wrote fiction stories, others personal narratives or information … More February 26th Newsletter

February 19th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 19th, 2016   Classroom Celebrations During writer’s workshop our students have continued to craft Wangari Maathai biographies. Our older writers are studying the art of non-fiction writing in all details and are simultaneously attempting to bring this fascinating story alive for their readers in an engaging and heart-focused way. … More February 19th Newsletter

February 5th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 5, 2016 It’s the little things citizens do. That’s what will make the difference. My little thing is planting trees. Wangari Maathai   Classroom Celebrations Little seedlings flourished under the care of thousands of women who worked together in what became known as the Greenbelt Movement. Our study of … More February 5th Newsletter