February 11th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 11, 2016

Classroom Celebrations

Bronco Celebrations, Valentine Celebrations, Math Night, and daily learning kept us all on our toes this week.  If you missed math night please look for a goody bag in your child’s Friday Folder and continue to come to us with your questions as you work to support your child with math at home.

This week we continued to explore the idea of determining importance in text.   The children eagerly looked forward to the unfolding of different traditional African Tales including the Magic Bojabi Tree and Mama Panya’s Pancackes.  As students thought about possible messages or morals in these stories they identified a possible lesson the characters were teaching and supported their thinking with evidence from the text.  Following are a few of the ideas children had for lessons learned in our stories this week:

“If you go too fast you won’t remember so take your time and you will remember.”

“Don’t be selfish thinking only of what you are good at, focus on what is important at that time.”

“Take a risk to include others.”

“When you do a good deed it will come back to you.”

“If you are willing to share with another they will share with you.”

Looking Ahead

Fri., Feb. 12 – Mon., Feb. 15 – President’s Day Weekend – No School

Wed., Feb 24 – Early Release 1:00 pm

School is in session Feb. 25 and Feb 26 – Conference days are now scheduled for March 17 and March 18

Portfolios – Over the next months students (“Moons” and “Suns”) will begin work on their portfolios. If your child is a “Moon” (2nd grade) or new to our program, please send a 2” binder with a clear cover pocket and 50 plastic sleeves to school by Mon., Feb 16th.


Ana and Mary


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