February 19th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 19th, 2016


Classroom Celebrations

During writer’s workshop our students have continued to craft Wangari Maathai biographies. Our older writers are studying the art of non-fiction writing in all details and are simultaneously attempting to bring this fascinating story alive for their readers in an engaging and heart-focused way. The younger authors are learning how to complete their biographies with tables of contents and introductions and some are even including an author’s page.

During reading time and read-aloud time we are continuing to learn so much more about Africa both through African tales as well as non-fiction texts. In the meantime some of our Suns are inspired to embark on their own learning journeys, completely self-directed and self-initiated, delving into topics of their choice – a wonderful use of their Choice Time!

The Suns are now also beginning to gently prepare for the PARCC test. Some practice work will be sent home for additional opportunities to familiarize with the format of these tasks.


Many thanks to all of the lovely Valentine’s cards and sweets, flowers and bookmarks and so much more. We feel very loved!


Looking Ahead

  • Mon., Feb. 22 – conference sign-up folders will be out in front of the office
  • Wed., Feb 24 – Early Release 1:00 pm
  • Thurs./Fri. March 17/18 Conferences (School is in session Feb. 25 and Feb 26) –
  • Mon., March 21-Fri., March 25 – Spring Break
  • Mon., March 28 – No School for students, teachers work day


Portfolios – If your child is a “Moon” (2nd grade), please send a 2” binder with a clear cover pocket and 50 plastic sleeves to school as soon as possible, so we can begin filling the binders with special work.


Ana and Mary




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