February 26th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – February 26th, 2016


Classroom Celebrations

While the “Prairie Dogs” writing group is revising and editing the last chapters of their Wangari Maathai biographies, the “Owls” have explored a multitude of genres as writers: some chose to write poems this week, some wrote fiction stories, others personal narratives or information pieces. In both writing groups, students learn how to constructively and gently critique each other’s work by pointing out what works for them as readers/audience.

“Moons” and “Suns” began assembling their portfolios this week. It is delightful to see how excited they are to peruse their work and add best pieces to their binders. A surprise office supply donation arrived in perfect time to allow us to equip everyone with a free binder if they had not yet procured one. However, some of our Moon students still need to each bring in a pack of 50 sheet protectors to add to our supply of those.

Last but not least, our dress-up area now has a West-African ambience. Very peacefully, students are pretending to live in a small village in Kenya, processing information they have learned about Wangari Maathai’s life and rural life in Kenya in general.


Looking Ahead

  • Saturday, Feb. 27 – Garden Work Day – 10am-2pm (or any part of that time!)
  • Thurs./Fri. March 17/18 Conferences (sign-up sheets are out in front of the office)
  • Mon., March 21 – Fri., March 25 – Spring Break
  • Mon., March 28 – No School for students, teacher work day


Suns PARCC preparation: In lieu of regular reading-homework, Suns will bring home the kind of text they will see during the PARCC reading and writing test. Please support your student in reading the instructions carefully and reading and discussing the texts together. This will give you also a sense of the type of tasks our third-graders are expected to tackle.



Ana and Mary




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