March 4th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – March 4th, 2016

If you are filled with pride, then you will have no room for wisdom. ~ African proverb

Classroom Celebrations

We are continuing to immerse ourselves in discovering more about Kenya and the continent of Africa. Sitting around a fire and telling a story is one of the oldest forms of entertainment in cultures around the world. We sat in a circle around the fire listening to a tale from Ethiopia this week called Fire On The Mountain. In the story a young boy persists in standing up for his principles in confronting a rich man full of much pride and little wisdom… in the end the boy wins the respect of his community. In music children are learning songs from Liberia in East Africa. In class we read Masai and I a book comparing and contrasting the life of a Masai child in Kenya with the life of a child here in the United States. The children used a Venn diagram to record their thinking about the similarities and differences between life as Masai and their lives here. In math this week the stars (grade 1) and moons (grade 2) began working on a unit about data. We have been learning how to sort, compare, and record data working with graphs. The suns (grade 3) have been working with fractions this week.


Looking Ahead

  • Friday, March 11 – Field Trip to the Stone House Park here in Lakewood
  • Wed., March 16 – ELC Community Circle hosted by Mary and Ana’s class
  • Thurs./Fri. March 17/18 Conferences (sign-up sheets are out in front of the office)
  • Mon., March 21 – Fri., March 25 – Spring Break
  • Mon., March 28 – No School for students, teacher work day


Field Trip to the Stone House Park: On Friday morning next week we will take a bus to a local park here in Lakewood to see some urban wildlife. Owls have returned to nest there and we are hoping to get a glimpse of them as well as other urban wildlife. We will return in time to have lunch here at school. Please have your child bring the following: appropriate clothing as we could be walking through snow or sunshine, good walking shoes, $2, snack, and water bottle.

Spring Conferences: Spring Conference sign-up folders are out at the table across from the office. PLEASE be sure to sign up for a conference time if you have not already done so. Conferences are essential for us to communicate your child’s progress.

Suns PARCC preparation: Together with regular reading-homework, Suns will bring home the kind of text they will see during the PARCC reading and writing test. Please support your student in reading the instructions carefully and reading and discussing the texts together. This will give you also a sense of the type of tasks our third-graders are expected to tackle.

Peace, Ana and Mary


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