March 11th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – March 11, 2016

What you help a child to love can be more important than what you help him to learn. ~African proverb



Classroom Celebrations

With spring in the air we were all thrilled to get outside and search for signs of the owls that have returned to nest at the Stone House Park. Students have continued to enjoy the African Tales we are reading. The children are learning to use text based evidence to support their thinking when discussing these stories. Whether viewing a video about a Masai child growing up in Kenya, or graphing favorite African animals, students are fascinated to continue learning about Kenya and other countries on the continent of Africa. Student generated projects have started to emerge during Choice Time. Recently students have put together posters to teach us about Sacagawea, Ancient Egypt, and Volcanoes. Some students have joined Melody on Monday afternoons for an African drumming group, while others have enjoyed playing in our Kenya house in our drama corner. It is our sincere hope that we are helping your children on their journey to love learning!


We are looking forward to meeting with families next week during conferences. It is affirming to see how much your children have grown as we check in with them. The opportunity to meet one-on-one with the children and talk with them about their progress is invaluable! In preparation students will be working on portfolios and reflecting on their personal, social, and intellectual learning. Please plan on spending 20 to 30 minutes before or after your child’s conference so your child can share work with you.


Looking Ahead

  • Wed., March 16 – ELC Community Circle hosted by Mary and Ana’s class
  • Thurs./Fri. March 17/18 Conferences (sign-up sheets are out in front of the office)
  • Mon., March 21 – Fri., March 25 – Spring Break
  • Mon., March 28 – No School for students, teacher work day


Suns PARCC preparation: Please take time over Spring Break to support your child with taking one of the PARCC practice tests on line. Your child has had opportunities to practice with paper and pencil many of the reading selections which appear online. Children have also had the opportunity to “play” with the practice test trying out different technology features. The PARCC is taken on the computer so it might be helpful for children to have a little practice with it at home. If children want to try typing in an essay please remind them to make a paper and pencil “plan” before trying to type the essay in the box provided. The link to the practice test is


Ana and Mary


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