April 1st Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – April 1st, 2016

Wisdom is like a baobab tree; no one individual can embrace it. ~African proverb

Classroom Celebrations

Our week back to school began with an African story told with much heart and beauty by one of our parents. The age-old tradition of oral storytelling is both captivating and thought-provoking for the listener. Together we all pondered what messages this week’s stories held for us. “Being generous, asking politely, understanding that life can ask us to endure through difficult times and challenges, being alert and paying attention” were amongst some of the nuggets of wisdom we determined in the stories we explored this week.

On Thursday one of our now retired colleagues visited us to share a slideshow of his recent trip to Africa. The room was filled with “ooohs” and “ahhhs” as students watched the magnificent photos of African animals and landscapes. Since students have now begun their studies of their specific topics ranging from Mount Kenya to rhinos, elephants, and black mambas to baobab trees they were especially interested in identifying all of the animals in the show.

Thank you for supporting your child at home with her specific research. Please continue with the quest for more information in your public library, online and wherever else you can find it. Any new facts can come back to school on any kind of paper or note – it does not specifically have to be the note-catcher we sent home.

Suns PARCC preparation:

The “Suns” finished three math sessions of the PARCC and will continue taking the PARCC test next week. Please take time to support your child with taking one of the PARCC practice tests on line. Your child has had opportunities to practice with paper and pencil many of the reading selections which appear online. Children have also had the opportunity to “play” with the practice test trying out different technology features. The PARCC is taken on the computer so it might be helpful for children to have a little practice with it at home. If children want to try typing in an essay please remind them to make a paper and pencil “plan” before trying to type the essay in the box provided. The link to the practice test is http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/

Class T-Shirts

In collaboration with our students one of our parents created a t-shirt design that honors our study of Wangari Maathai, trees and African animals! These t-shirts will be for sale for $5 each and students will be wearing them for our performance April 28. We will let you know when the t-shirts are ready for sale.



Looking Ahead

  • Monday, April 11 – Trip to the Denver Zoo. 9am – 1:30pm, $10 – Please join us!
  • Monday, April 11 – 3rd grade mandatory Trip Night, 5pm
  • Sat., April 16 – Habanero Hustle (PTSO)
  • Wed., April 20 – Early Release 1pm
  • Wed., April 20 – school-wide Night of Exhibitions, 5:30pm
  • Thurs., April 28 – Africa Night performance by Mary and Ana’s class, 6pm
  • Fri., April 29 – Day of Dialogue and Film Festival
  • Fri., May 6 – Field Day
  • Fri., May 13 – Hiking Field Trip
  • Wed./Thurs. May 18/19 – 3rd grade Overnight Trip
  • Tues., May 24 – All School Picnic
  • Wed., May 25 – Last day of school, Early Release 1pm

From Melody:

Attention filmmakers!

All films are due April 18th. Please fill out a form from the front office and return it to Melody. Send your films on a flash drive or contact Melody for other options.

The Evening Event will be on April 29th. See you all there!


Many, many thanks for the wonderful food that was provided for all of us advisors during conferences! We savored every bite!


Ana and Mary


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