May 5th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter – May 5th, 2016

Peace is costly but it is worth the expense. ~Kenyan proverb

Classroom Celebrations

“To the Maasai the cow is life.” This week our Africa theme as well as our year-long pursuit of critical thinking culminated in the read-aloud and “think-aloud” of a quite demanding text called 14 Cows for America. Once again our students astounded us (and the 15 visitors in our room) with their ability to think, to analyze, and to be engaged in discourse.  What began as a big question  – “14 Cows for America?” – slowly moved via engaged discussion to the insight that this text was about empathy, about giving, about “Ubuntu”. It was truly inspiring to watch our young students listen and respond to each other with respect, mindfulness, and deep insight.

During our writer’s workshops we examined and described beans, tomatoes, and dandelions, with the eyes of a scientist as well as with the eyes of a poet. In our Spring Wonders notebooks students carefully drew the plants, looking closely at the shapes of the leaves, the stems, the flowers, and wrote their noticings and wonderings – distinguishing in their use of words a scientific version from a poetic rendering.

Looking Ahead

  • Fri., May 6 – Third Grade Estes Park Paperwork Due
  • Mon., May 9 – very last call for Third Grade Trip Papers!!! (trip packets, $40, insurance)
  • Mon., May 9 – all library books must be returned and all classroom bookbags need to be returned
  • Tues., May 10 – Teddy Bear Overnight
  • Wed., May 11th – future “Stars” are visiting us and our current “Suns” are visiting the IA 10:30-11:30
  • Fri., May 13 – Hiking Field Trip to Chief Hosa – no cost – parents very welcome!!!
  • Wed./Thurs. May 18/19 – 3rd grade Overnight Trip
  • Tues., May 24 – All School Picnic
  • Wed., May 25 – Last day of school, Early Release 1pm

See back for more

Chief Hosa Field trip:

Due to our wonderful JCOS fundraisers we can embark on this field trip without a fee. We will leave 9am and plan to be back at 1:30pm. We will go hiking rain (snow) or shine to enjoy spring in the mountains. Please help your child be prepared appropriately: dressed in layers, with sturdy walking shoes, a backpack, a water bottle, a sack lunch, and sunscreen.

Teddy Bear Overnight

On Tuesday students are welcome to bring a stuffed animal, teddy bear or otherwise, to school. The animal friends (but not our students) will spend the night at school. In the past we were surprised the next morning to find none of our (stuffed) animal friends in the place where we had tucked them in for a good night’s sleep….When supporting your child in choosing which stuffed animal to bring in school, you might caution against bringing the best-loved one that will be needed at home that night. Also, the animal must fit into your child’s cubby.

Library and Classroom Books

The end of this school year is coming quickly. Please use this weekend to look for all overdue library books and for all books we have sent home with your child from the classroom. Our “just right” books are part of sets that we need to put back together to be ready for next year’s reading. If your child cannot find the book and bookbag, we ask for $10 to replace those two items.


Ana and Mary


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