September 2nd Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter Sept. 2nd, 2016


“I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” Albert Einstein


A terrible Gruncher is haunting the MinPin Forest and little Billy who had ventured into it (against his mother’s advice!) is stuck in a tree – together with thousands of tiny people called the MinPins. All week long our students have followed Billy’s adventure, visualizing, writing, and drawing major episodes of this Roald Dahl story. Our week ended with our young writers imagining possible solutions for Billy’s safe return home and ways to get rid of the fire-breathing Gruncher. The students’ delightful illustrations and unique solutions are testimony of a very creative group of budding authors.


Many thanks for the overwhelming support for our learning community: whether sending in much needed tissues and wipes or signing up for helping in the classroom or coming along on our first field trip of the year – we appreciate your help very, very much.


Next week we are hoping to launch our architecture/building unit by building fairy houses underneath the beautiful willow tree (next to the garden) ….but we will need additional building materials! We are asking students to bring natural materials from home or from a trip to the mountains, etc.: pinecones, sticks, leaves, small rocks, feathers – anything they can find lying around or being simply available.


From Melody:

In art class we are beginning a project called “This is my house- This is your house”. As part of this project I am asking students to go home and really look at where you live. Maybe even take a photograph of it and bring it to art class. If you can’t take a picture, pay attention to the details. What color is it? What kind of roof is on it? How many windows or doors does it have? Does it have decorations? Are there any trees and plants around it? Does it have toys in the yard? Then we will make a painting in art class about where we live.

Thanks, Melody


Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, Sept. 5 – Labor Day – No School
  • Wednesday, Sept. 7 – Picture Day
  • Friday, Sept. 9 – Community Circle hosted by Mary and Ana’s class, 8:45
  • Friday, Sept. 23 – Early Release – 1pm



Ana and Mary


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