September 9th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter Sept. 9th, 2016


“The core of learning is not in the information…but in the interaction between a child and the environment.”                  (Finland’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health)


Right outside our classroom door is a small bulletin board. We use it to post our most recent newsletter but maybe more importantly our “class history” – index-sized cards, illustrated by our students. At the end of every school day we take a moment to reflect on, celebrate, and record the day’s events and learning. “Going out to the Fairy Meadow and building fairy houses” was one of the most celebrated events this week. It was absolutely delightful to watch our students bring in their building supplies of sticks, bark, shells, pinecones, leaves, and other natural materials with so much excitement and anticipation. When their day to build came, each student chose whether to create her/his own little house or whether to collaborate. Either way, the fairy meadow was a joyful hum of very busy and happy little architects trying different things to fashion fairy shelters – from tipi-type constructions to nest shaped homes to column-supported roof buildings.

Additionally, several trips to the garden provided us with yummy snacks and also with materials to create a bug habitat – which is now awaiting to be populated with any and all small critters students might be catching.


While it has been a great joy for us to watch our students this week being so blissfully engaged with nature, we have equally savored reading our new parents’ letters sharing about your children. They are an absolutely heart-warming testimony to the deep love you have for your little ones. We are very grateful to be part of their life-long learning journeys.


As writers we wrapped up the “MinPin” stories – the first “books” we authored this school year. In celebration of this project we started a mural featuring a tree full of little minpins…Come and see!



Upcoming Dates

  • TODAY!!! Fri., Sept. 9 – garden concert 5:30 to 7:30 PM (see flier on back)
  • , Sept. 23 – Early Release – 1pm



Ana and Mary


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