Ana and Mary’s Newsletter Sept. 16th, 2016



There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.

– Buckminster Fuller


In class this week we were inspired by the story Roberto: The Insect Architect. We also began learning about the architect, scientist, artist and engineer Buckminster Fuller and his designs. We built and experimented with toothpicks and clay just as Buckminster Fuller did as a child. Students started seeing that the triangle was stronger than the square in supporting their structures.   Next week we will spend time studying the geodesic dome greenhouse in our school garden and experimenting with how one might go about constructing such a dome. Students have been drawing designs and recording their process for constructing buildings in Discovery Notebooks. On Friday we ended our week by making a promise to one another to do our best to be like the beautiful sunflowers we planted in our school garden last spring; to tilt our heads toward the light and embrace kindness, learning, joy, and peace in our learning community each and every day.


Please bring in newspapers next week so we can construct a model of a geodesic dome here in our classroom!


Reading Book Bags

We are excited to begin sending home reading book bags.


Our Suns (3rd Grade) will bring home their reading book bags on Friday and will return their book bag to school the following Friday so they can take home new books. We ask that 3rd grade students try to read at least 100 minutes per week or 20 minutes a day.


Our Moons (2nd grade) and Stars (1st grade) will take home their reading book bag every night and return it the next day. Students will be bringing home a leveled text which should be a “just right book”. We ask that students bring their book bag back and forth each day so they can select a new “just right” book to bring home. Students who are reading longer texts should still try to bring their book bag daily, many children enjoy the continuity of reading the next chapter at school in a book they are also reading at home.


Our hope is that reading time will be a special routine for your family. Please make sure that part of your reading routine still includes snuggling up and reading aloud to your child!


Harvest Festival

Upcoming event! On Thursday, September 29th, from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, our school will come together to celebrate the richness of our community and garden.  Please, join us for this JCOS family potluck “Harvest Feast” with a special (or just plain easy) recipe and an opportunity to break bread together with all ages!  Weather permitting we will be outside the front of the school. Please have the recipe written out and displayed next to your dish so that those who must, can avoid food allergies.


Parents Night Out!

Title: horizontal lineFRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd 2016 / 1:00pm – 9:00pm. / JCOS


  • This night is for pre-K to 6th grade participants.
  • We will be staying on the JCOS school grounds.
  • $30 for one child, an additional $15 for any additional siblings.       (Ex: 1 child is $30, 2 children is $45, 3 children is $60, etc.)


During this time we plan to engage the children in fun and educational activities such as story time, arts and crafts, outdoor games in the field and on the playground. We will provide snacks and a delicious Mac n Cheese dinner.


Not only is this fundraiser a great opportunity for you, your loved one and your child, it is also an amazing opportunity for the JCOS community. The profit from this fundraiser will contribute to the Maine Trip happening later this year! Three adults and nineteen students will be adventuring and exploring Boston and Maine for two weeks, to gain an understanding of culture, travel and teamwork. By utilizing this night to give back to the school community, you are creating a bold and expressive learning environment for your child and all of the students (both in the present and future) of this school. Without your support, none of these amazing opportunities would be attainable.


If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Jen at: or 303-522-4516



FYI – The IMAX at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science is featuring a film on Africa. Our 2nd and 3rd grade students might be especially interested since we spent so much time studying about Africa last year.


Upcoming Dates

  • , Sept. 23 – Early Release – 1pm
  • , Sept. 29 – Harvest Festival Event 5:00 – 7:00 pm


Remember to call school and leave a message on the attendance line when your child is absent (303)982-7045.


Ana and Mary


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