September 30th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s Newsletter Sept. 30th, 2016

“The secret of the wise one is…to be curious, to ask questions, to notice, to use one’s senses, to wonder, ….” (Students in our class in response to reading The Wise Woman and Her Secret).

From the Classroom

Noticing questions that come up as we read and beyond reading in our constant interaction with life’s wonders and surprises, is an art. This week we have been cultivating this art of asking questions and pondering them. Our students are learning how to dig deeper in their quest of understanding, how to not stop with the first quick answer, how to stay open-minded to multiple possibilities – in reading and in life. It is beautiful to see.

During advising we explored what it means to struggle with our “sixth sense” – the social sense. We all understand that some of us have poorer eyesight and need glasses, that we might need hearing aids when we can’t hear very well. But how does it impact us if we have difficulties reading social cues – how will we fit in, how will we connect with others, how will we be (mis)perceived in our intentions? We discussed how all of us struggle with this sixth sense at times and we can act in ways that are annoying or inappropriate or unexpected. We also acknowledged that for some people the difficulty of reading social cues can become a true challenge and that we would need to support them with tactful and thoughtful empathy.

And a BIG CHEER to the team constructing the newspaper GEODESIC !!!!

Tie dye – kale chips – zucchini bread – painting – soccer and more…. Many thanks to our wonderful parents who came in to offer our class many different artistic, culinary, and sport activities. Thanks also to all the students who baked a giant zucchini bread with Mary during Choice Time for the Harvest Festival (which was absolutely wonderful). We would love to have continued parental support with small trips to the garden, harvesting the last vegetables before the season ends, and preparing simple veggie snacks with students. 

Conference Sign-Up Folders will be out in front of the office beginning Monday, Oct. 3rd.


Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, Oct. 6 – Storyteller visit
  • Fri., Oct. 7 – Pumpkin and Zombie Dash (9:50 – 10:30)
  • Oct. 10-12 – CoGat assessments for second graders (see attached info sheet)
  • Thurs., Oct. 13 – Fall Hiking Field Trip to Chief Hosa (lots of parent volunteers welcome!)
  • Friday, Oct. 14 – No School – Fall Break
  • Tues., Oct. 18 – Field trip to the airport
  • Thurs./Fri. Oct. 20/21 – Fall Conferences
  • Mon., Oct. 31 – Skate Day/Halloween Party

Remember to call school and leave a message on the attendance line when your child is absent (303)982-7045.


Ana and Mary



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