Mary and Ana’s News – January 13th, 2017


From the Classroom

We have been thrilled to get back into our routine here at school this week. We have spent time building schema about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the work he did as a peace maker. We explored the world map, the many countries our ancestors immigrated from, and listened to stories about ancestors passed down over the generations. We wrote narrative stories about our lives, and explored new problem solving strategies in math. Peace Night was a beautiful way to wrap up our learning about the Statue of Liberty and the many different people who call the United States home. Thank you so much for sharing your stories and special snacks from all over the world. We ended our week with a field trip to the zoo where we explored ocean animals and the exhibit Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea. We will use this experience to launch our unit on learning about Oceans.

HELP – Please – HELP

Ana and Mary have written some articles which Heinemann Press would like to publish. Heinemann is a well respected publisher of books and articles for educators. However, in the year 2017 we don’t just write articles we publish “varticles.” As such Heinemann has asked us to video some of the parts of our day that pertain to the articles we have written. These varticles are available only to educators who subscribe to their on-line library so the audience is limited. We would like to include video footage of our students running morning meeting and engaged with problem solving. If you would agree to have your children in short (30 second) video clips from our classroom for the benefit of other educators please sign and return the release.

Martin Luther King Holiday – Monday, January 16 – No school, the bus scheduled to transport families to the march has been canceled, we did not have enough families sign up. Ana and Mary will be at the Marade, look for us.


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