Ana and Mary’s News March 3, 2017


From the Classroom                                       “To understand, to love, to protect.”   Jacques Cousteau

Our learning community has been very busy this week both inside and outside of the classroom. We all enjoyed the Frog and Toad Play at the Arvada Center. The children were thrilled by the musical rendition of their favorite Frog and Toad stories. We loved reading aloud the stories that were brought to life on stage. During math we collected data and made graphs related to our favorite parts of the play and our favorite characters. We also celebrated Dr. Seuss’s Birthday this week reading together with our Advising Families. Our students are always thrilled to have the undivided attention of the teenage students. Students picked up trash on the playground and in the Fairy Meadow sorting it out and carefully deciding what could be recycled as a way to help protect our environment and ensure that trash does not enter our waterways. We ended our week with a field trip to the Aquarium. Together with a program on coral reefs and time to explore in small groups we got to observe up close a bit of the underwater world of Jacques Cousteau.


Conferences: Conference folders are out in front of the office. Please register for a time slot.


PASTA Dinner Fundraiser!!! Thursday, March 16th

This is going to be some very fabulous, scrumptious, locally sourced Pasta Dinner Fundraiser for our classroom library!

….but more help is needed….please contact Jennifer at (720-352-8324) if you

  • Can help with cooking and/or clean-up
  • Can donate home-made spaghetti sauce
  • Can donate cotton fabric for sewing cloth napkins
  • Bring in a sewing machine next week Wed/Thurs/ or Fri afternoon at Choice Time and/or
  • Can help sewing/ironing napkins either at home or here at school during choice time


Day of Dialogue: Walkabout students are planning this year’s Day of Dialogue for March 22 (8:30-3:30), and they’d like to invite parents from across the JCOS community to participate! We will be exploring the relationship between population size, sustainability, and women’s rights. If you’re interested in leading a workshop on one or more of the topics above, you can contact the student’s planning the Day of Dialogue by emailing Benjamin The students will follow up with you.


Class Garden Bed

We would like to have a bed in the school garden for our classroom. We will need families to volunteer to care for the garden over the summer months. We will have a calendar out during conferences so families can sign up for one week this summer to help take care of our bed.


Upcoming Dates:


  • , March 10 – Delta Dental Assembly
  • Thurs., March 16 –Pasta Dinner Fundraiser
  • , March 22 – Day of Dialog “Sustainability”
  • Thurs./, March 23, 24 – Conferences
  • Mon.-Fri, March 27-31 –Spring Break


Peace, Ana and Mary


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