March 17th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s News ~ March 17, 2017

The future is in the hands of those who explore… and from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love.

Jacques Yves Cousteau 

From the Classroom:

We (Mary and Ana) want to express our enormous gratitude for our most wonderful community. The Pasta Dinner Fundraiser was amazing – such a thoughtful and lovingly planned event that brought us together in a spirit of community and with environmental awareness (the trash cans were still empty by the end of the night…!).

THANK YOU Jennifer for spearheading this event and putting in countless hours to make this happen!!! And THANK YOU to all of you who helped with cooking, setting up, serving, cleaning, sewing napkins, baking bread, bringing additional food, and so much more. And THANK YOU for all of your generosity – we raised almost $800!!!! This money will allow us to replace many of our much loved and very tattered books (such as the Fox book series, Frog and Toad, etc.) and also add new series to our classroom library. We are so excited!!!

Another highlight of our week was a second visit by Linda, a most wonderful storyteller. Her stories (and the way she tells them) are spellbinding and left us with a sense of wonder and magic.

The week ended with our Suns hosting the Community Circle.

Day of Dialogue: The Day of Dialogue will open with a Native American Dance presented by one of our Walkabout students. From 10:30-11:30 the elementary will participate in a presentation by HawkQuest to learn about endangered raptors and other birds. This event will be free for students as it will be paid through our trip fund.

Conferences are Next Week: Conference folders are out in front of the office.  Please register for a time slot.  Spring Conferences are chance for us to share your child’s growth and set goals for the remainder of the school year.  Plan on arriving at least 20 minutes prior to your child’s conference so s/he can share work with you.

Website: Remember to check out our website, there are photos from our most recent field trip to the Aquarium and we always post our weekly newsletter there!

Sun’s (3rd Grade) PARCC Homework: If your child is in the third grade please help us prepare your child for the upcoming PARCC test (state standardized test).  At school we have been learning how to navigate the technology.  We have also been reading some sample passages, discussing answers, and sharing our thinking about what we think might be the best answer.  On the multiple choice questions there are often two answers which students feel might be a good answer to the question.  Rather than getting worried about the “right” answer we are talking about choosing an answer that we believe makes sense.  We understand that what is most important is being able to explain thoughtfully why we chose a certain answer.  Please spend time with your child trying out a few of the test samples, you can read them together, discuss questions, and explain your thinking to each other.  Please go to this site for practice with your child

Class Garden Bed

We would like to have a bed in the school garden for our classroom.  We will need families to volunteer to care for the garden over the summer months.  We will have a calendar out during conferences so families can sign up for one week this summer to help take care of our bed.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Wed., March 22 – Day of Dialogue “Sustainability, Population, and Human Rights” PARENTS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND! 🙂
  • Thurs./Fri., March 23, 24 – Conferences
  • Mon.-Fri, March 27-31 –Spring Break

Peace, Ana and Mary


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