April 7th Newsletter

Ana and Mary’s News ~ April 7th, 2017

The future is in the hands of those who explore… and from all the beauty they discover while crossing perpetually receding frontiers, they develop for nature and for humankind an infinite love.

Jacques Yves Cousteau 

From the Classroom:

Welcome back from Spring Break! Conferences are still lingering in our minds – we are so grateful to have had time with families to celebrate our students’ growth. And many, many thanks for the delicious dishes that nourished us during conference days!

Since our return, students have gotten passionately busy with learning about an ocean animal or habitat of their choice. Students are working collaboratively with one or two other partners across grade-/ age-levels. The displays they are creating will be their teaching tools for the Learning Expo. (See info on Learning Expo Evening on back of newsletter.) Please support your child at home with finding more information about their topic by checking out websites, watching you-tube videos, and/or visiting your local library.  Help your child gather at least three fascinating facts about the topic and bring the information back to school, so s/he can incorporate it into the exhibit.  In addition, your child may want to work on an art project about his/her topic.  For example, if your child is studying whales, s/he might want to create a small diorama, make a sculpture out of garbage (we saw lots of these at the zoo), make a representation of the animal from clay, etc.  If your child decides to make an artifact to display at our museum night, please have them bring it to school on APRIL 19 (not before), as we do not have space here in the classroom to store the artifacts.

Our Learning Expo – Science Museum will be held April 19th from 5:00 – 6:30

At reading time we have been re-visiting a thinking strategy called “inferring”.  When as readers, as well as at other times in our lives, we find ourselves puzzled by a situation, a text, an expression, or someone’s reaction, we often “infer” the reason or meaning. We use our schema (or what we know) in combination with the evidence of what we are looking at and come to a conclusion. This conclusion may or may not be correct and we are learning that it is a good idea to be open-minded, to accept other ideas, to change our minds. It is delightful to listen to our students as they discuss possible meanings in a very polite and attentive way.

Suns’ (3rd Grade) PARCC (state standardized test):  Next week the “Suns” will continue taking the PARCC. Please make sure that your child gets good sleep and healthy food and lots of fresh air!

At school we have been learning how to navigate the technology.  We have also been reading some sample passages, discussing answers, and sharing our thinking about what we think might be the best answer.  On the multiple choice questions there are often two answers which students feel might be a good answer to the question.  Rather than getting worried about the “right” answer we are talking about choosing an answer that we believe makes sense.  We understand that what is most important is being able to explain thoughtfully why we chose a certain answer.  Please spend time with your child trying out a few of the test samples. You can read them together, discuss questions, and explain your thinking to each other.  For practice go to:  http://parcc.pearson.com/practice-tests/

Website: Remember to check out our website, there are photos from our field trip to the Aquarium and we always post our weekly newsletter there! https://starsmoonsandsuns.wordpress.com/

Class Garden Bed

We began working our garden bed– getting it ready for the first seeds that are sprouting in our grow labs.  Any time you might have a moment to help students with small garden chores would be greatly appreciated. We will also need families to volunteer to care for the garden over the summer months. Please consider signing up for one week this summer to help take care of our bed.

Looking Ahead

Wed., April 19 – Learning Expo, 5-6:30

Mon., April 24 – Trip Meeting for 3rd grade students and families, 5:30pm, mandatory

Fri., April 28 – Early Release – 1pm

Learning Expo

Please come to our annual Learning Expo on Wednesday, April 19th from 5:00 to 6:30.  You can visit science museums and interactive student lead exhibits in classrooms in the elementary wing.  In the commons area work from Pre-walkabout students will be on display.  Come and learn folk dances with Melody and end your evening by learning from our LEAP (9th Grade students) who will present projects.

5:00 – 5:30  Elementary Students will go to their classrooms to present their work

5:30 – 6:30 Families can tour exhibits in classrooms and the commons together

6:30 – 7:00 DOR Presentations (appropriate for 4th, 5th, 6th grade students and families to attend)

Folk Dancing with Melody – Please go with your child to Melody’s music room at your scheduled time

5:00 Per’s Advising

5:15 Bryan’s Advising

5:30 Molly and Jim’s Advising

5:45 Jana’s Kinder Advising

6:00 Mary and Ana’s Advising

6:15 Kristi’s Advising

This is an evening for families to spend together looking at and appreciating student work.  Please keep your children with you throughout the evening.  We hope to honor student work by speaking to students, asking questions, and learning together.

Peace, Ana and Mary


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