October 27th Newsletter

Mary and Ana’s Newsletter  Oct. 27, 2017

“We must use our lives to make the world a better place to live, not just to acquire things. That is what we are put on the earth for.” – Dolores Huerta

From the classroom:

We began our week uncovering all of our schema for Halloween.  We discovered that while we have lots of expertise on this holiday we still had many questions.  Our questions lead us on an inquiry about Halloween and the origins of the holiday.  We were fascinated to learn about this ancient tradition with its roots in Celtic beliefs.  Our new learning grew our schema for Halloween and has lead us into our next inquiry about Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead.  As a classroom community we enjoyed writing Halloween Stories, counting pumpkin seeds, having a visit from the doubles witch, and working in our Discovery Notebooks recording our knowledge about the human skeleton.

Upcoming Dates:

  • Tuesday, Oct. 31 – Skate Day at Skate City ($8)
  • Friday, Nov. 3 – ELC Community Circle hosted by Molly and Jim’s Advising – 8:45 am
  • Friday, Nov. 3 – 1:00 pm Early Release
  • Friday, Nov. 17 – Field Trip to DCPA to see A Snowy Day cost: $10 (ten dollars covers the cost of admission we will use our Pumpkin Dash funds to cover the cost of the bus)

Skate Day and Halloween Party:

We will celebrate Halloween on Tuesday, October 31st.  We will load buses and head out to Skate City at 9:00 and will return to school at 1:30. The fee for Skate Day is $8, you can check on Jeffco Connect to see if you have already paid.

9:00 – 1:30 – Skate City – Students need to bring a Sack Lunch

1:45 – Halloween Parade

2:00 – 3:00 – Halloween Party

3:00 – Ana and Mary – Cello and Read Aloud

3:25 – Dismissal

Students may wear costumes to school.  Students may not bring any fake weapons as part of their costumes.

If you are bringing a snack for the party PLEASE think about sending in a HEALTHY SNACK.  Our children will have plenty of opportunities to eat sugary snacks later that evening so let’s make an effort to feed them healthy snacks here at school.

If you signed up to help decorate for the party you can join parents to do so while we are out skating so that everything is decorated and ready for the party upon our return.

Classroom Volunteer Opportunities:

Book Hospital: Come grab our books that are in need of repair.  We will give you some book tape and you can repair the books at home.

Scholastic Book Orders: This job means coordinating the scholastic book orders for our class.  It is nice for students to be able to order books a few times each year from the Scholastic Book Club.

A Note From Melody and the Arts

The Original Works gallery for Jeffco Open is now up and ready for you to make your orders. Hopefully you have received your family letter last week. On that letter you will find all of the information you need to order an original piece of work for your child. On that form you will find your student number and the school code. Our school code is JEFO. Once you are in our school gallery you can narrow the search by choosing the advisor’s name or the grade of your student. From there you can choose your child’s art and purchase it just like you purchase anything on the web.  The items will arrive at school by Nov. 30th. We will bag them and send them home. If you have items that you wish to be kept a secret from your child please let Melody know and we can make it more secure.  Thanks in advance for supporting the JCOS arts program! – Melody

Halloween Skate Day 2017 – A Note From Rosie

Halloween is quickly creeping up on us and it’s time for all of the JCOS creatures of the night to gather at Skate City for our wicked all school skate day.  On Tuesday, October 31st, dressed in our most outrageous costumes, we will climb aboard the buses and be transported to the Skate City off of 121st for a monstrous time.

The cost is $8.00, which can be paid online through JeffcoConnect up until Wednesday, October 25th.  If, for some reason, you pay online and your child is absent the day of skate day, the money will be used to help pay for the all school end of the year picnic.  The $8.00 can also be turned in to your child’s advisor on Tuesday, Oct. 31st.  We’ll be picked up from school at 9:00 and dropped back off at 1:30.  Don’t forget to pack all the gooey and slimy things that you want to eat for lunch and bring your roller blades if you want to use them.

Everyone is strongly encouraged to wear your costumes, as long as it won’t get in the way of skating (no masks or costumes that hang down by your feet).  Don’t forget to bring your head, $8.00, your slimy lunch and your costume.  Parents, grandparents and siblings are welcome to join us if they dare, but must also pay $8.00.  Please call Rosie at #303-982-7056 if you have any questions.  Come dressed in your best and be ready to have a bone chilling good time. – Rosie and David

Directions:  Take Wadsworth South to 6th Ave.  Get on 6th Ave. going East.  Get off 6th Ave. on to I-25 going North.  Take I-25 all the way to 120th.  Take a left on 120th, cross the bridge and turn right on Delaware.  Turn right on to 121st and follow to Skate City, which will be on the right side of the road.

Haunted House – Do you like to be scared?  If so, come on down to the gym and get ready to scream.  We will open the doors to the haunted house around 1:45 and will keep them open until 3:30 or until everyone is too scared to go through any more.


Ana and Mary bmettler@jeffco.k12.co.us  mkorte@jeffco.k12.co.us


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