Family History Homework

On Thursday, November 29th, 2pm, we will host a Family History Museum in our classroom. On display will be “trunks” with special items that will allow all of us a small peek into each family’s history. In order to prepare for this museum your child will need to …..

  1. Interview as many family members as possible who can talk about how the family got to Colorado and, hopefully, trace back to where in the world some of the ancestors came from.
  2. Ask family members from the older generation to share about their childhoods and what they might remember about their grand- or great-grandparents.
  3. Ask family members about traditions, recipes, celebrations, items that are special to their particular family and why/how these traditions (etc.) came into being.
  4. “What I Learned about My Family”: Write down three things that s/he found out about her/his family, s/he would like to share with others.
  5. Prepare a “trunk”: find a shoe box or other box of that size. Your child may decorate this box. Find special items to put into the box that would tell something about the family (for example a recipe, pictures, a book, a handkerchief…). Please do not send any items that are so special that they could not be replaced and maybe send a photograph of it instead. Label all items that tell a little bit about that item (picture of great-grandma, grandpa’s favorite book….)
  6. Color in a flag of a country where some ancestor came from.
  7. Color in that country on the map.
  8. Send the “trunk” and “What I Learned about My Family” to school on Thursday November 29th.



3 Things I Learned About My Family History






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