2015 JCOS Pumpkin Dash

2015pumpkindash8 2015pumpkindash9 2015pumpkindash1 2015pumpkindash5 2015pumpkindash11 2015pumpkindash4 2015pumpkindash7 2015pumpkindash10 2015pumpkindash2 2015pumpkindash3


One thought on “2015 JCOS Pumpkin Dash

  1. I just want to say, I am SO EXCITED!!! My daughter Keira Gummin, is on the front page of the newsletter…she has worked so hard, and just seeing her on the front page lets me know that her work is being noticed. Thank you to whom has taken these photos, it has put me in tears to see her, this is huge for us, I know others it probably means nothing to be the front page, where for us we get so excited and love showing the kids that these are forever memories.

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