Ana and Mary’s News – February 17th, 2017


From the Classroom  “To understand, to love, to protect.”   Jacques Cousteau

So much love!!!! Not only did we celebrate Valentine’s this week, but our studies of the ocean – its beauty and its importance for all life – filled us with deep appreciation and love for this magnificent habitat. When we learned about Jacques Cousteau’s shocking discovery of pollution in the ocean and when we saw pictures of ocean animals caught in trash, we (like Cousteau) took this very much to heart. Our first action was to pick up trash around the school, because we understand that any trash can end up in the ocean and hurt animals.  We will continue to explore ways in which we can help keep our special earth and its oceans pristine.

This week we also appreciated the beautiful song John Denver composed about Jacques Cousteau’s research ship, the Calypso. You might be hearing your child singing some lines…”Aye Calypso the places you’ve been to/The things that you’ve shown us/The stories you tell/Aye Calypso, I sing to your spirit…” Students continued writing their Cousteau biographies and trying their hands at poems expressing their love (and concern) for the oceans.

Inspired by the success of Molly and Jim’s Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser, Jennifer, one of our parents, offered kindly to spearhead a spaghetti dinner for our class as well. She is looking for other parents to help out. Please contact Jennifer at (720-352-8324).The money of this fundraiser would benefit our classroom library.

Upcoming Dates

  • Mon., Feb. 20 – President’s Day – No School
  • Tues., Feb. 28 – Frog and Toad Play at the Arvada Center – $10 (We only purchased enough tickets for students and staff.  If you would like to attend with us please purchase a ticket for yourself in advance directly from the Arvada Center.)
  • Fri., March 3rd – Field Trip to the Denver Aquarium – free of charge for students (thanks to the Pumpkin Dash!)  The aquarium allows us to take six adult chaperones free of charge so if you want to accompany us let us know, after we have filled the six free slots parents are still welcome to join us but will have to pay the admission fee.

Attention all MOONS (2nd Grade Students)

It is time for us to begin putting our PORTFOLIOS together.  (We heard that Target currently has sales for such items as binders etc! ) Please have your child bring in a 2 inch, 3 ring binder with a plastic front that will allow us to slip your child’s self-portrait into the front for the cover.  Please send in 50 plastic sleeves as well so we can preserve your child’s best work!

Thank you for all of your love (from helping in the classroom to chocolates etc.!)   –

Peace, Ana and Mary


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